The Winter parking restrictions

The following outlines the procedures for ticketing and towing of vehicles during the period of November 15th through April 15th when our winter parking regulations are in effect, per East Rochester Town/Village Policy and Law.

Prior to the November 15th date, the regulations are posted in the The Post as well as being displayed on the Cable Channel 12.  As a courtesy the East Rochester Police Department may issue warning tickets prior to and during the first week.  After that, parking tickets will be issued to anyone who leaves a vehicle on the street between 3:00 am to 6:00 am whether or not there is inclement weather.  This does include the Town/Village Municipal lot located at 317 Main St.  In the event that it is necessary for snow removal equipment to come out, the vehicles in addition to being ticketed will also be towed off the street.  The cost of this tow will be at the owner’s expense, (View the towing tab) for a list of the rates for Ricci’s Towing who is contracted through the Town/Village of East Rochester.   

There are a few exceptions where parking is allowed.  The first is the 200 Block of Main Street where vehicles are allowed to park as long as they are in compliance with the posted signage (Alternate parking). The second exception is that we do not enforce the winter parking regulation in the municipal parking lots on the 100 block W. Commercial Street (near Garfield Street) and 100 block of Main Street (near Chestnut Street). The parking lot located adjacent to Edmund Lyon Park is another location for overnight parking for residents and guests. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays we are extremely lenient as there many out of town guests here visiting our residents.  

We are also amenable to special requests that are brought to our attention.  Permission may be granted to allow parking under special circumstances.  Please contact the Chief of the Police Department or the Town/Village (Administrator) if you have a special circumstance.  

In the event that a State of Emergency is declared within the Town/Village of East Rochester, for snow related reasons, all vehicles will be removed from the streets.

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