The snowy season means special parking rules.

The following outlines the procedures for ticketing and towing of vehicles during the period of November 15th through April 15th each year when winter parking regulations are in effect per Town/Village Policy and Law.

Prior to the November 15th date the regulations are posted in the East Rochester Post Herald and the Democrat and Chronicle. In addition, an ad is placed in the Community News and posted on Cable Channel 12. There are also signs at the entrances to the Town/Village outlining the regulation.

It is courtesy that the East Rochester Police Department will issue warning tickets for the first week. After that, parking tickets are issued to anyone who leaves a vehicle on the street between 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM whether or not there is inclement weather. This includes the parking lot located at 317 Main Street. In the event that it is necessary for snow removal equipment to come out, the vehicles are issued parking tickets and are towed off the street.

There are a few exceptions in place. The first being alternate parking in the 200 block of Main Street - vehicles are allowed to park as long as they are in compliance with the posted signage. The second exception is that we do not enforce the regulation in the municipal parking lots on West Commercial Street (between Cable Channel 12 and GSR Associates) and Main Street. Also, during Thanksgiving and Christmas we are extremely lenient as there are many out of town guests visiting our residents.

We are also amenable to special requests that our brought to our attention. Permission may be granted to allow parking under special circumstances. We will take a telephone number where the person can be reached and officers will contact them to remove their vehicle in the event the roads need to be cleared of vehicles. When possible, officers have gone to residences in an attempt to get vehicles moved prior to towing. Regardless, people are advised that should the plows come out the vehicles will have to be removed or will be towed. This especially holds true for disabled vehicles.

In the event that a State of Emergency is declared within the Town/Village of East Rochester, for snow related reasons, all vehicles will be removed from the streets.

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