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Here you will find Information about The Town/Village Zoning Board of Appeals (or the ZBA), the most recent upcoming meetings, agendas and other pertinent information.

Below there are also future and archived meeting agendas and minutes, and they are downloadable PDFs.
Contact Sarah Feely in the Building Department with questions at (585) 385-3513 or email: sfeely@eastrochester.org

Minutes & Agendas

Please note: Meeting Minutes are completed after a meeting, and not approved until the following meeting. If you need a copy of the drafted minutes, please call the Building Department. (585) 385-3513

Meeting Dates & Info

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What is the Zoning Board of Appeals?

The Zoning Board has seven appointed members. Members are appointed by the Town/Village Board. The ZBA has the responsibility to review proposed development projects and make decisions on them in accordance with state statutes, and local bylaws and regulations. 

The Board holds its meetings in the evenings. During these meetings, the ZBA considers both plan applications that are reviewed as business items and plan applications that require a hearing by statute and/or by local bylaws and regulations. Board members have a variety of backgrounds and volunteer their time to serve on the Board. They are assisted by a professional staff that works in the Building Department/ Code Enforcement Office.

Members & Staff

Barbara Marr - Chair Person
Frank Barbero - Deputy Chair Person
Eric Schoenhardt - Member
Devin Vosburgh - Member
David Dezio - Member
Mark Leeper - Member
Tim Rountree - Member

Tom Fromberger - Town Engineer (MRB Group)
Dan Bryson - Town Attorney (Lacy Katzen LLP)
Jim Herko - Building & Codes Inspector 
Sarah Feely - Recording Secretary


Historically, The Town/Village of East Rochester had 3 Development Boards. The Zoning Board has since taken over the responsibilities of all 3 boards listed below.

Zoning Board of Appeals - The primary role is to review and decide cases where a relaxation of the ordinance is sought or where there is an alleged error in a zoning.

Planning Board - The general purpose is to provide for and guide the orderly growth and development of the community. This is accomplished primarily through development of a Master Plan for the Town, the Zoning Bylaw, and the Planning Board's Rules and Regulations Governing Subdivision of Land.

Architecture Review Board -nbsp;architecture reviews are primarily used for architecture evaluation (correctness) and for checking architecture/implementation conformance. Aside from correctness, analysis aims may be consistency, completeness, and compatibility.

How Can I Find Out More about what is Proposed?

Applications, plans, and supporting materials are on file in the Building Department at the Town/Village Hall office. You are welcome to review this information and may pay for copies of any information you would like to keep. Black and white letter-size photocopies cost 25 cents per page, Color copies are 50 cents per page, and arrangements can be made to reproduce copies of full-sized plans. (subject to additional charge)

Our office is generally open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. You can also call for more information. (585) 385-3513

Types of Applications

The regulatory powers of the Planning Board usually include

  • review of subdivision plots,
  • review of site plans, issuance of special use permits,
  • review of signage,
  • historic preservation, and
  • architectural review.

These are all duties that have been absorbed by the ZBA in East Rochester. The ZBA also reviews Area Variances, Special Use Permits and Use Variances. 

Elected Officials