Notes from the Mayor

Mayor’s Report – Thursday, March 9, 2023

Tonight, we presented our 2023/2024 Town/Village Budget.  The preparation of our budget is a large task for not only our staff but for our board and our accountant to put together a spending plan that will be in place until May 31, 2024.  Just a reminder, in NYS, village budgets start on June 1st each year and run until May 31st each year.  This budget is robust in infrastructure spending, investments in Public Works, Public Safety, Staffing and Personnel and Community Services.      

In addition to the budget, we’re working on several projects all at once:

Updating our Comprehensive plan…….

Installing a new elevator in the Eyer Building……

Completing street, sidewalk and other infrastructure repairs…….

Hiring employees to replace retirees….

Completing CDBG grants and applications for additional funding……

Plus:  running this village on a day-to-day basis which includes garbage pickup, recycling, policing, fire protection, cleaning, painting, plowing and salting….

We have finalized our Summer Concert Series for 2023.  Our series will run right here at the Eyer Building on Wednesday nights starting July 5th and running through August 23rd.  Our lineup is excellent and we’re very excited to host the area’s best bands, most with local ties to the village.   

Tonight, we honored two East Rochesterians for their lifelong dedication to our village.  On Tuesday, the Monroe County Legislature and Legislator’s John Baynes and Howard Maffucci will honor Thomas A. Conners Jr. and Nicholas A. Verzella with lifetime achievement awards.  In conjunction with the County Legislature, I have declared Tuesday, March 14, 2023 Thomas A. Conners Jr. and Nicholas A. Verzella Day here in East Rochester.  Congratulations to both men!

On Saturday, March 4th, our board attended the East Rochester Fire Department’s Quasquicentennial banquet.  We honored the Fire Department for their 125 years of dedicated volunteer service to the residents of East Rochester.  We also honored Mark Boch and Dennis Leo for 50 years of volunteer service each as well as Past Chief, Matt Dombrowski for 3 years of service as Fire Department Chief from 2020- 2022.  


John R. Alfieri

Mayor – Town/Village of East Rochester