Mission Statement

We are committed to protecting the tax payers of East Rochester

We are committed to stable taxes, which means we will get rid of waste, seek additional revenues, do more with less, eliminate duplication, spend wisely, and make certain that each and every tax payer gets value for their tax dollar. We are committed to providing first class service at the lowest possible cost throughout all departments in the Town/Village. We are committed to making the Town/Village government smaller and more effective by providing the critical services used and enjoyed by the majority of our residents.

We are committed to protecting the safety of all our residents

We are committed to safe, crime free streets and providing high quality and results driven emergency services through our own police force, fire department, and ambulance service.

We are committed to open government

We are committed to free and open government and to providing unfettered access to it for all residents and tax payers wishing to do so.

These values and principles guide our work. We are committed to preserving the past history of our Town/Village while protecting and building a successful future. We are committed to the volunteer spirit. We are committed to the greater good, service beyond self, and the principles of teamwork. We are committed to demonstrating civic pride & perpetuating a close knit community.

Freedom of Information Law Requests Form

To appeal your FOIL request, please send your appeal to the Appeals Officer, Mayor John R. Alfieri, at jalfieri@eastrochester.org.

All appeals must be received within 10 days of your receipt of the original response to your FOIL request.

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