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The Village Despatch is sent out to village residents quarterly. Current and past newsletters are available here for viewing on-line. Simply click on the link for the newsletter you wish to view. Note quarterly publication and delivery is new for 2009.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future editions of the Village Despatch please use our Contact Form and let us know. 

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«December 2021»
12/21/2021 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Gates to Recovery CANCELLED

Addiction Support Services:

  • Treatment Placement,
  • Family Support,
  • Recovery Resources,
  • Narcan Training & Certification (provided by Trillium Health)
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All appeals must be received within 10 days of your receipt of the original response to your FOIL request.

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East Rochester was originally called Despatch because of its proximity to the railroad. The word came from the name of the first major company to locate here...

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