Building Department

Contact Information


317 Main Street

East Rochester, New York 14445
For general questions please call
the Building Department directly:
(585) 385-3513


Jim Herko

Building Inspector



Sarah Feely
Building Department - Clerk
(585) 385-3513

Hiring A Contractor

Are you going to hire a contractor for your project?

If so, your contractor is required to provide us with proof of Liability & Workers' Compensation Insurance. If your contractor is a sole proprietor, who does not carry workers' comp, he/she may file for a CE-200 Exemption, from the State of New York.

There are many things to consider as part of your building project. When hiring a contractor, the New York State Office of the Attorney General has a variety of tips and recommendations. Read Hiring Contractors »

Is a Permit Required?

There are a number of building projects that require building permits.  General Guidelines are listed here.  Additional information sheets and guidelines listed below. If you are unsure if you need a permit it is best to call the Building Department directly. (585) 385-3513


Guidelines & Code Regulations

Shed Info                 General Guideline
Deck Info                 Permit Application

Many building projects require the filing of specific paperwork. Consult our list of commonly requested forms to find the paperwork that you need to get started with your project. 
Applications and Checklists »

How do I get a Permit?

Submit Your Completed Applications:

In person or by mailing it to:
Building Department
Town/Village of East Rochester
317 Main Street
East Rochester NY 14445


Email to:
Sarah Feely

Jim Herko

Building Permit Fee's* are only accepted in CASH or CHECK payment. 

*Permit Fees vary per project. The Town / Village's Fee Schedule can be found here. 

Freedom of Information Law Requests Form

To appeal your FOIL request, please send your appeal to the Appeals Officer, Mayor John R. Alfieri, at

All appeals must be received within 10 days of your receipt of the original response to your FOIL request.

Download ...

Basic Codes and Violations

Can I burn outdoors? Can I have a pool? Is there a curfew for minors? And other code basics.

Please help us preserve & improve the high quality of life we enjoy in East Rochester. Compliance with these and all Town/Village codes will help us as a community raise the level of awareness and expectation about code enforcement, and ultimately help us achieve the goal of community wide code compliance. Read more code basics »

If you have a code enforcement complaint about another house, and would like to remain anonymous, please feel free to submit an email by clicking here.


Do you own a double?
Ever consider returning it to a single? A $1000 tax rebate deconversion incentive is available through the Town/Village to do just that! Click here for more information!

Zoning Map

Official Zoning Map

Where are the residential areas? Where can I locate my business?

The Official Town/Village of East Rochester Zoning Map details where the residential, commercial and industrial parts of town begin and end. View the zoning map »