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Snow Plowing

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East Rochester was originally called Despatch because of its proximity to the railroad. The word came from the name of the first major company to locate here...

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The DPW plows all Village owned streets, sidewalks and parking lots as necessary 7 days a week, 24 hours a day as necessary during the cold & unseasonable time of the year. The DPW also salts roads as needed to maintain safe driving conditions. In order to maintain safe streets and sidewalks during the winter please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not park on village streets between the hours of 3:00 am & 6:00 am from November 15 thru April 15 each year
  • Do not block sidewalks with your vehicle as this makes snow removal difficult for the safe passage of residents and students who walk to school
  • Do not pile snow from your property in the road or on the sidewalk after the DPW has cleared them of snow

See a complete listing of our Winter Parking Rules that will help make the challenging winter months a bit easier.

Removal of Snow & Ice from Sidewalks

  • When snow is removed from sidewalks by the DPW or other contractor using plows it shall be the duty of the occupant or the owner to remove the snow and/or ice remaining after the plows have gone through. 
  • Snow falling after 8:00 pm shall be removed before 9:00 am the next day. 
  • Snow falling after 9:00 am shall be removed before 8:00 pm on the same day. 
  • No person shall sweep or shovel snow from a building or private land onto or into the sidewalk or roadway of any street. 
  • Snow Removal Policy After major snow storms, snow shall first be plowed from all village owned roads, public safety buildings, village owned buildings and public parking lots. Upon completion of these areas, the DPW will then haul snow from other private business areas throughout the community deemed to be a public safety problem, and other areas deemed to be in the interest of public safety at the discretion of the DPW Superintendent and/or the Chief of Police. (Passed by Village Board Resolution 3/93)

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East Rochester Sidewalk Construction & Replacement Program

East Rochester Sidewalk Construction & Replacement Program Read more

On Tuesday February 27th, 2024 the Town/Village of East Rochester and MRB Group will 
be hosting an informal Public Information Meeting. The meeting is open to residents to stop 
in at any time between 5:30pm to 8:00pm to ask questions with regards to the scope of the 

The meeting will be held in the Jean Daniel Community Center located on the 1st floor 
of the Eyer Building (317 Main Street, East Rochester, NY 14445). 

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2024 Town/Village of East Rochester Board Meeting Schedule

2024 Town/Village of East Rochester Board Meeting Schedule Read more

The Town/Village Boad will hold regular monthly meetings in 2024. Each meeting will begin at 7pm. For the complete schedule, please select READ MORE or download the attached document.

Documents to download

2024 Town/Village of East Rochester - Holiday Schedule

2024 Town/Village of East Rochester - Holiday Schedule Read more

After approval of the Town/Village Board, the Town/Village of East Rochester will observe the following list (for the full list, please select READ MORE) of Holidays for 2024. Please note the Town/Village offices will be closed on these days.

The Department of Public Works may work on these days to maintain continuity of operations.

Garfield Street Replacement Project

Garfield Street Replacement Project Read more

On Tuesday July 25th, 2023 the Town/Village of East Rochester held a Public Informational meeting in the Jean Daniel Community Center. The purpose of the meeting was to present the draft reconstruction plan for Garfield Street. This meeting was open to the public and all comments and feedback were welcome. There will no formal presentation, all information has been posted here on the web site.  

Documents to download



On May 23, 1898, a group of businessmen from Despatch (as East Rochester was known until 1906) met at Branshaud’s Hall on East Commercial Street to set up the first fire department.  On May 29th, the first official meeting was held, and the Despatch Fire District was formed.  During subsequent meetings committees were formed to find estimates for needed equipment, as well as for property and a fire hall.  It was determined that $1800.00 was the amount needed to outfit this first department.  Equipment included:  one dozen rubber coats, boots, and helmets, a hose cart, an alarm bell, a ladder truck, and three chemical carts.  Needless to say, the first fire trucks were either pulled by horses or pulled by hand.

Select READ MORE for the full article on the East Rochester Volunteer Fire Department!


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To appeal your FOIL request, please send your appeal to the Appeals Officer, Mayor John R. Alfieri, at

All appeals must be received within 10 days of your receipt of the original response to your FOIL request.

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