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Yard Waste Pick Up

Brush Pick-Up

The DPW collects brush once per week usually on Monday from those residents paying the fee and receiving refuse service from the Town/Village If you have tree limbs, bushes or similar brush materials for pick-up, place them between the curb and the sidewalk as neatly as possible. Please do not block the sidewalk or obstruct traffic. The DPW will pick your brush as quickly as possible.
Please note - the DPW will not pick-up contractors debris caused by tree trimming or landscaping.

Yard Debris Pick-Up

The DPW collects yard debris on the same day as your regular trash pick-up although generally later in the day from those residents paying the fee and receiving refuse service from the Town/Village. Yard debris includes grass clippings, yard rakings and other similar material. All yard debris must be in recyclable paper yard bags so that the DPW can properly identify it for pick-up.

Leaf Pick-Up

The DPW collects leaves from those residents paying the fee and receiving refuse service from the Town/Village as follows:

October to December

  • the DPW will collect leaves with the leaf vacuum machine
  • place your leaf piles between the curb and sidewalk for pick-up
  • please be patient - due to the large volume of leaves we must collect in the fall there is no set day on which the service will be provided; the DPW will do its best to collect leaves as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • do not place leaf piles in the road as they will cause drainage problems, pose a traffic hazard, and endanger children who may be playing in the piles
  • you may bag your leaves in recyclable paper bags if you prefer to do so; bagged leaves will generally be picked on your regularly scheduled pick-up day

All Other Times
Leaves must be placed in recyclable paper bags for pick-up; any leaf piles placed at the curb outside of autumn will be collected and subject to an additional charge for the service.

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All appeals must be received within 10 days of your receipt of the original response to your FOIL request.

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