With the exception of commercial large users, any property that exceeds 6 standard 32 gallon trash cans or bags of refuse in any one week will be charged our standard special pick-up fees.

When bulk refuse or other refuse material is placed at the curb at a time or in a manner not allowed under the law, the refuse will be removed and the owner of the property will be subject to a fee, or fine, for its removal. Fines for non-compliance are as follows:

$25 for the first offense
$50 for the second offense
$75 for the third offense
$100 for the fourth offense and each additional offense thereafter

Offenses are tabulated annually beginning April 1st of the current year through March 31st of the following year. Each year as of April 1st, each property begins the new year with zero offenses, unless there exists a history of repeat offenses as determined by the Village. Special pick-up fees shall be paid within 60 days from the date of the invoice. Unpaid special pick-up fees will be added to the property owners Village tax bill.


Requested Special Pick-Ups

Any property owner may call the DPW to request a special pick up. The fee for each requested special pick up will be a minimum of $25 per pick up. Additional amounts may be charged based on the amount and type of material out for pick up. Any requested special pick up by a tenant of a property must pre pay an agreed upon amount in advance prior to the items being picked up.

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FOI Requests

Freedom of Information
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To appeal your FOIL request, please send your appeal to the Appeals Officer, Mayor John R. Alfieri, at jalfieri@eastrochester.org.

All appeals must be received within 10 days of your receipt of the original response to your FOIL request.

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