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The staff looks for additional materials and photographs. Please stop and visit the office. Special hours are available on request.

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Local History Collections

Donating Items to Our Collection

Some consider our archives "East Rochester's Attic"

The East Rochester Local History Department has over 5000 pieces of memorabilia relating to the village. Some consider our archives "East Rochester's Attic." That description is far from accurate. While it is true that for over 40 years, we have been quietly collecting all things  East Rochester", our collections are not reminiscent of a dusty basement. Most items are numbered and catalogued, and stored in acid free archival storage boxes or enclosed in plastic sleeves. Many of the items that we have in our collection are one of a kind , precious glimpses into our past. That's why no item is allowed to leave the archives. Because of the scarcity of these items, our archive can not be a lending library. The contents are used strictly for research and education. We do have a small museum so that we can share many of these items with the community. 

We have items donated to us from private parties. However, sometimes we are offered items that we can not accept. A National Geographic collection, for example, is indeed interesting, but not for our archives. 

What do we get excited about? Vintage photos of our neighborhoods and houses, diaries of what life was once like, old maps, blueprints, letters, signs from business long gone, architectural elements from buildings that have been raised, or old clothing that has a historical East Rochester connection are items we would consider. Simply put, if it relates to our history, we're interested. So although we are bursting at the seams, we still want more. Please call us at 585-381-3023 if you would like to donate East Rochester memorabilia. After all, it might wind up on display someday.