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Code Basics

Please help us preserve & improve the high quality of life we enjoy in East Rochester.

Compliance with these and all Town/Village codes will help us as a community raise the level of awareness and expectation about code enforcement, and ultimately help us achieve the goal of community wide code compliance.


§ 79 ~ Burning - Outdoors No person shall kindle any bonfire or furnish materials for such fire. Open burning is defined by the New York State Fire Code as burning of materials wherein the products of combustion are emitted directly into the air without passing through a stack or chimney from an enclosed chamber.

Swimming Pools New York State Building Code, Chapter 41 applies to pools designed to hold more than 24 inches of water. The requirements for permit are a 48 inch barrier (fence) with self closing, self latching gates & electrical grounding protection. Please be aware of these important safety requirements when considering these portable pools.

Property Maintenance the New York State Property Maintenance Code requires that all premises shall be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition. The code also requires the exterior of a structure be maintained in good repair and wood surfaces shall be protected from the elements of decay by painting or other protective coverings. Another frequent enforcement activity from last summer was for the accumulation of Rubbish and Garbage. Please be a good neighbor—keep your property free of debris including dog feces.

§ 65 ~ Lot Maintenance It shall be unlawful to allow any growth of weeds, grass or other rank vegetation to exceed 12 inches on a vacant lot or 6 inches on an approved lot. Please keep your lawns and yards well maintained & assist us in raising our quality of life.

§ 65 ~ Village Policy for Lawn Mowing under Village Code, the Building Department will mow unsightly and overgrown lawns when the average height of the lawn reaches 6 inches. The property owner will receive written notification that they have 5 days from the date of the letter to mow the lawn. If not, the lawn will be mowed subject to the following fees - $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second offense, $150 for the third offense and an additional $50 for each offense thereafter.

§ 79 ~ Curfew for Minors Minors are not permitted on public places in the Village between the following hours:
Beginning at 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights and extending until 5:00 am the following day & beginning at 10:00 pm on all other nights and extending until 5:00 am the following day. Penalties for non-compliance include fines and/or imprisonment for both parents and minors, depending on their age.

§ 111 ~ Housing Standards Every dwelling and/or structure shall be kept in good condition and repair by the owner. The exterior shall be free from visible evidence of decay or deterioration, and be protected from the elements by paint or other covering. All buildings shall be of sound construction, and all roofs shall prevent the entry of water and other elements. After notice, penalties for non-compliance include fines, imprisonment, or both for each violation.

§ 120 ~ Maintenance of Lots The owner or occupant of any lot or parcel of land shall maintain the lot, yard or lawn and keep the same clean, inoffensive and free from refuse, rubbish, garbage, brush, waste, leaves, dirt, weeds, litter, boxes, shavings, etc. and other noxious materials at all times. Upon receipt of notice, the owner or occupant has 5 days to remedy the situation. If not, the lot may be cleaned by the Village with the expense being paid by the owner. Penalties for non-compliance include fines, imprisonment, or both for each violation.

§ 123 ~ Noise Ordinance Excessive noise in the Village is prohibited. No person shall make, cause or allow to continue excessive noise. Penalties for non-compliance include fines, imprisonment, or both.

§ 159-4 ~ Snowplowing Obstruction of rights-of-way is prohibited. No person shall plow, shovel, sweep or pile snow, ice or other materials on or across the right-of-way of any sidewalk, street or public highway or cause such to be done so as to interfere with the safety and convenience of public travel.

§ 160-1 ~ Refuse & Garbage Place refuse at the curb no sooner than 6:00 pm the day before your regular pick-up. All empty cans or containers must be removed within 12 hours after they are emptied. Place refuse in an approved container which must have a lid and does not to exceed 35 gallons or 50 pounds each; limit 6 per week. Garbage cans, trash, etc. shall not be stored in front of property but along side or in the rear of property out of public sight. Bulk refuse is any item which cannot be enclosed within a container including but not limited to furniture, carpeting, appliances, plumbing fixtures, sod and wood. Bulk refuse will be picked up at no additional fee during the second full week of January, February, March, April, May, June, August, October, and December (see annual schedule for specific dates) - place bulk at the curb for free pickup on your regular pickup day during those weeks. Bulk placed at the curb at any other time will be removed, but the owner of the property will be subject to special pick - up fees for its removal. Landlords are responsible for the failure of tenants to comply with refuse rules and are responsible for all special pick - up fees. Refuse from outside the boundaries of the Town/Village is not allowed.

§ 178 ~ Junk & Unlicensed Cars It’s unlawful for an owner or occupant of any lot in a residential district to have or permit an automobile or motor vehicle not bearing a current license plate for a period longer than 3 days. Upon receipt of notice, the owner or occupant has 5 days to remove or license the vehicle. If not, the vehicle may be removed by the Village with towing fees being paid by the owner. Penalties for non-compliance include fines, imprisonment, or both.

§ 193 ~ Front Lawn Parking Prohibited General zoning regulations state that no front yard or yard fronting a street shall be used for parking or the open storage of vehicles, cars, boats, trailers or any other equipment except for vehicular parking on driveways.

§ 193 ~ Garage Sale Signs Garage sale signs and other similar signage should not be bigger than 4 square feet, displayed no sooner than 24 hours prior to the sale and must be removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the sale. Signs in violation will result in a fine.


The complete Town/Village Code is available online. 

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The first day of the school year is always a special time.  The first day in a new school is doubly special.  And so, it was for St. Jerome’s School on September 3, 1952.



According to a number of area sportscasters, it wasn’t supposed to happen that way—the East Rochester Bombers beating the Lyons Lions, 58-57.   While both basketball teams entered the game undefeated, Lyons was known as a powerhouse.  By looking at the history of the two teams, however, perhaps March 24, 1962, was destined to be different.  And what made the outcome of the contest all the more special was that it happened before a crowd estimated to be more than 10,000.  

Covid Test-Kits Available

Covid Test-Kits Available Read more

The Town/Village of East Rochester has additional Covid-19 test-kits for resident pickup. If you would like a test-kit please call (585) 586-3553 or stop by the Clerk's Office located on the 2nd floor of the Eyer Building. The office is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.



It began on February 17, 1927—the first Girl Scout meeting held in East Rochester.  The movement begun by Julliette Low in Savannah, Georgia, in 1912 spread quickly all over the country with the first troop organized in Rochester in 1918.

2023 Bulk Refuse Rules and Schedule

2023 Bulk Refuse Rules and Schedule Read more

The 2023 Bulk Week Rules and Schedule is available here for download.

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