Vacuum Excavation Project

Vacuum Excavation Project
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Vacuum Excavation Project

Monroe County Water Authority


Water quality and safety is a top priority for the Water Authority. Villager Construction (Villager) and Arcadis of New York, Inc. (Arcadis), contractors hired by the Water Authority, will be performing vacuum excavation work to determine the material of your water service line (the pipe that connects your home to the water main). This bulletin explains the upcoming work and identifies whom to contact if you have any questions while the work is being done.

Project Details

Why is this Project needed? In accordance with the federal Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR), the Water Authority is required to publish an inventory of our water service line materials. In order to develop this inventory, we will be using vacuum excavation methods to expose your water service line at the curb stop or shut-off valve which is typically located at the right-of-way line. The vacuum excavation will require two small holes, one on each side of the curb stop, so that we can identify your water service material on both the Water Authority and customer-owned sides of the curb stop. Contractor staff from both Villager and Arcadis will be on site to complete these investigations. Residents don’t need to be home for this work and your water service should not be interrupted.

After the vacuum excavation and material identification is complete, our contractor will restore the area disturbed by the work.


We anticipate the vacuum excavation work to take place between August and the end of the year. The specific timing of your investigation will depend on where you are located within the Water Authority’s service area. You may see blue paint and/or flags in your yard prior to the vacuum excavation as we work to locate and mark your curb stop, in addition to a door hanger with information about the investigation.


Please contact our Customer Service Department at (585) 442-7200 weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Additional information is available on our website at www.mcwa.com

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The Rochester/Monroe County area is anticipating between 300 to 500 thousand people coming into our region.  The thruway roads will be closed and all of the hotels are booked!  So, with all that being said, plan to attend the event of the year that East Rochester will be hosting.

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