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Comprehensive Plan Development Process

Comprehensive Plan Development Process
Marty D'Ambrose
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Comprehensive Plan Development Process

The Town/Village of East Rochester is preparing to launch our Comprehensive Plan development process. The Comprehensive Plan is a 15 to 20-year roadmap, guiding decision making, resource allocation, and community development over that time horizon. The planning process will run approximately 12 months, and is guided by a steering committee of volunteers representing local businesses, the non-profit community, school district leadership, residents, and other key stakeholders.

The Comprehensive Plan steering committee includes:

  • Herman Parson
  • Carl Horsford
  • James Haugh
  • David Rovitelli
  • George Botticelli
  • Erin Correa
  • Sandi Consiglio
  • Carl O’Connell
  • Michael Wegman
  • Eric Schoenhardt

The committee will meet regularly to craft foundational plan elements including the vision statement and planning principles, foster public engagement in plan creation, validate data and existing conditions, and identify key strategic elements on which plan actions will be based.

For more information, please check back to this website often, or contact Matt Horn at matt.horn@mrbgroup.com

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