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Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) program

Key Details about the Restaurant Revitalization Fund Application 
What businesses can get 
•    Funding equal to their pandemic-related revenue loss up to $10 million per business 
•    Calculation 1: for applicants in operation prior to or on January 1, 2019: 
2019 gross receipts minus 2020 gross receipts minus PPP loan amounts 
•    Calculation 2: for applicants that began operations partially through 2019: 
(Average 2019 monthly gross receipts x 12) minus 2020 gross receipts minus PPP loan amounts 
•    No more than $5 million per physical location; minimum award is $1000 
•    Recipients are not required to repay the funding as long as funds are used for eligible uses no later than March 11, 2023. 
•    Funds may be used for specific expenses including: 
o    Business payroll costs (including sick leave) 
o    Payments on any business mortgage obligation 
o    Business rent payments (note: this does not include prepayment of rent) 
o    Business debt service (both principal and interest; note: this does not include any prepayment of principal or interest) 
o    Business utility payments 
o    Business maintenance expenses 
o    Construction of outdoor seating 
o    Business supplies (including protective equipment and cleaning materials) 
o    Business food and beverage expenses (including raw materials) 
o    Covered supplier costs 
o    Business operating expense 
•    Days 1 - 21:  Funds will only be distributed for approved applications where the Applicant has self-certified that it meets the eligibility requirements for a small business concern owned by women, veterans, or socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. 
•    May 25 through End of program: SBA will distribute funds in the order in which applications are approved by SBA 
Who can apply 
Eligible entities who have experienced pandemic-related revenue loss include: 
•    Restaurants 
•    Food stands, food trucks, food carts 
•    Caterers 
•    Bars, saloons, lounges, taverns 
•    Snack and nonalcoholic beverage bars 
•    Licensed facilities or premises of a beverage alcohol producer where the public may taste, sample, or purchase products 
•    Bakeries* 
•    Brewpubs, tasting rooms, taprooms* 
•    Breweries and/or microbreweries* 
•    Wineries and distilleries* 
•    Inns* 

*onsite sales to the public must comprise at least 33% of gross receipts 
A business must not be permanently closed to qualify.  
•    If it has declared bankruptcy but is under an approved reorganization plan, it is eligible. 
•    If there is no plan of reorganization or it filed for a liquidation, then it is no longer eligible. 
How to apply 
•    Register for the SBA application portal on Friday, April 30, 2021, at 9 am ET or later.  
o    Create username & password & authenticate account to enter portal formally on Monday morning. (this is not shared with any other government system – all users will have to create a new account) 
o    Highly recommended to apply day one, hour one, so this registration step should be taken prior to Monday morning. Have draft application filled out and ready to copy over into live application. Have all documentation saved together and ready to upload.  
•    Applications will open on Monday, May 3, 2021, at noon ET. 
o    Options:  
o    Apply directly through SBA at 
o    Telephonically through SBA at (844) 279-8898, multi-lingual assistance available 
o    Apply through Square or Toast (use your most recent POS provider of the 2) 
o    This option can save the filer time and streamline the process – these vendors will have your tax documentation ready in a RRF-accepted package.  
o    Average application time is 10-25 mins if all documentation is prepared and ready to upload ahead of time 
•    Documentation Required 
o    2019 Tax Returns showing gross receipts documentation  
    Note –POS vendors Clover and Aloha (NCR Corporation) have partnered with SBA and will have RRF-ready packages of documentation prepared for their clients  
o    3 most recent months of bank statements from operating account 
Draft application – recommended to review/complete ahead of portal opening 5/3/21 
For more program information, FAQs, and technical help articles, visit the RRF Knowledge Base: 

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Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) program

Here is a bulleted overview of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) program and application info that has the potential to be a very nice opportunity for our struggling business customers in the restaurant industry.  
•    $28.6 billion is available in funding to cover an estimated $270 billion in losses
•    Deadline:  Application portal opens 5/3/21 but businesses should register Friday or over the weekend so there are no hiccups Monday morning.  
•    This money will go very fast - interested businesses should apply on day one, hour one. 
•    Review the draft application and have it filled out and ready to copy over into live application when the portal opens on Monday.  
•    Have all documentation saved together and ready to upload.  
•    Average application time is 10-25 mins if all documentation is prepared and ready to upload ahead of time.
•    For the first 21 days, funds will only be awarded to businesses owned 51% or more by women, people of color, veterans, or socially and economically disadvantaged populations. 
o    Any business can apply starting day one - if you are not a priority category, your goal should be to have your application be one of the first looked at on day 22.  Get your application submitted and timestamped as close to 5/3/21 12pm EST possible.  The program will run until funds dry out - this could be day 30.  
Draft application – highly recommended to review/complete ahead of portal opening 5/3/21 

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