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East Rochester Community News - ERCN TV-12

The Cable TV Commission operates ERCN Channel 12, a community access television station, which is on the air seven days a week. ERCN TV-12 covers the broadcast areas of Pittford, Fairport, Perinton and East Rochester. Our programs are produced by volunteers in the four communities we represent and content is focused on shows of local interest. This service is funded through the four communities we represent from franchise fees, collected from Time Warner which is used to operate the station as well as bring in money for the towns general funds. This station costs the village of East Rochester and the other communities we represent, zero tax dollars to operate.

Moving to a new facility in 2014, ERCN now has all production and programming capabilities in the same location including a new shooting studio and editing suite. Our new facility has been designed so that local producers can produce and program an entire program from beginning to end.

ERCN produces more unique programming than any other cable access station in Monroe County. Since 1993 ERCN has produced on average of over 225 unique shows each year. As of December 2013, over 1,300 of our best programs, 1000 hours of content time, has been archived and is re-played on a regular basis. Original programming produced by ERCN TV 12 includes:

  • "All About Town" Mary Cilento hosts a program highlighting individuals, business and events of special interest to East Rochester. The on-location tapings provide a different point of view allowing viewers to see the inside workings of local businesses or events.

  • "What's Cooking" Miele Battaglini, hosts a cooking program highlighting local cooks and village personalities cooking their own specialties and favorite recipes.

  • "One on One"is an interview style program hosted by Ralph Morabito and profiles individuals in the East Rochester area. Ralph talks about the history of East Rochester with his guests and relives many great stories about our proud community.

  • "Short and To The Point" with Teresa Quinzi-Willette - a program bringing a short topic of general interest to the general public.

  • "God With Us"A faith-based program sponsored by the East Rochester Association of Churches providing a weekly message to those who are shut-in or cannot attend church services on a regular basis. Produced by Teresa Quinzi-Willette

  • "The Village Gardener" Host Ralph Moribito, takes you on a wonderful tour of some of the best vegetable and flower gardens in East Rochester.

  • "Pittsford Personalities" An interview program hosted by Pittsford Historian Audrey Johnson. Audrey interviews Pittsford residents who have interesting stories to share on the history of Pittsford and surrounding areas.

  • "Talking Golf" Host Ralph Moribito and his guests talk golf, both indoors and out on the course. Shows include interviews and lessons from famous ER golf pros such as Sam Urzetta, Joe Redanty, Armond Lanutti as well as tournaments and reviews of local golf courses.

Other original ERCN programming features: High School youth sporting events, concerts, town/village informational meetings, award ceremonies, school graduations, local government and school board meetings, and annual events important to the community. Tune to Channel 12 for this week's schedule of programs.

Services also provided by ERCN include a community bulletin board covering information on local events, messages from local government, TV scheduling and weather updates.

New to our broadcast coverage options is broadcast on ROKU-web streaming and video-on-demand. Now you don't have to live in the broadcast area and pay for Time Warner Cable to get our programming. ERCN now provides web streaming of its live broadcast content to anyone who has access to ROKU or a computer with high speed cable or phone line internet connection, anywhere in the world. We mirror the same broadcast you see on Time Warner channel 12 as well as make available special programs to our Video-On-Demand section. For the Video-On-Demand section we post local Village and School Board meetings, all televised ERHS sporting events, significant local events, and historical programming to watch at any time you please. Just click on the button above to watch our web-based media player.

ERCN TV-12 proudly boasts over 30 volunteers who all pitch in to run one of the best little cable access stations in all of Upstate New York but we're always looking for more help. Please contact the station via phone or email if you'd like to get involved and serve our community!

Cable Commission Members for 2013

John Schroth, Chairman
Teresa Willette
Gene D'Ambrose
Joe Russo

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