Friday, May 26, 2017

Fall Leaf Collection Schedule and Guidelines

Curbside leaf pick up with the leaf vacuum machine does not begin until approximately mid October, and runs until mid December, weather permitting.

We will collect your leaves from the curb in two ways: large leaf piles and bagged leaves.

Large leaf piles: Beginning in mid October, we will collect your large piles of leaves at the curb using a leaf vacuum machine. Please place your leaf piles between the sidewalk and curb for collection. Please do not place your leaf piles in the road, as they pose a hazard for drivers and children, and can clog up the storm drains. Please do not mix any yard debris, garbage, brush or branches with the leaf piles, as they can damage our equipment. Please be patient with us when you put out a leaf pile. It usually takes us one week with two trucks to make one pass for the entire Village.

Bagged Leaves: Residents are encouraged to bag their leaves whenever possible, using clear plastic bags or recyclable paper bags. Throughout the entire year, bagged leaves will be picked up on your regular scheduled garbage collection day with a separate truck. Please be aware that wet leaves can become very heavy, and that we have a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds per bag. Each bag of leaves is hand loaded onto a truck for disposal. Please be considerate of our workers when placing your leaf bags out for collection. Please do not place leaves in a garbage can, as we cannot efficiently collect them.

Please consider your neighbors when putting items at the curb for pick up. Placing items at the curb for pick up in a neat and orderly manner benefits everyone, and allows us to provide all residents with the best possible service.

Thank you for your cooperation;
Department of Public Works

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