Friday, May 26, 2017

Flickering lights in East Rochester

RG&E was contacted regarding the flickering lights experienced by some East Rochester residents and provided the following explanation:

The problem occurred on a 4Kv circuit originating in Station 62 on North Washington St.

The circuit serves just under 600 residential and commercial customers in/around the heart of the Village. The issue started last Thursday, August 20th.

  • RG&E followed a systematic process to solve the problem.
  • As soon as we were aware of the situation we visually inspected the circuit feeding these customers.
  • We installed remote current fault indicators on the lines to identify the general location of other faults if they do occur.
  • We've installed a thermal scan of that circuit for this week to look for abnormal temperature readings that may indicate damaged lines or equipment.
  • We are investigating options to reroute power using other circuits so fewer customers would be affected if the flicker happens again and determining if we can safely change the sensitivity settings on the breakers in the substation serving the circuit.

RG&E located a fault in an underground cable near the corner of South Lincoln Road and East Chestnut Street and repaired it.

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