Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Eyer Building Project

The Town/Village of East Rochester has applied to NY State for economic assistance in support of the Eyer Building Project.

We are asking for your assistance and are requesting Letters of Intent from existing and vacant business owners in the surrounding area. These letters will help illustrate the economic impact/jobcreation that is possible from a project which will add 150 new parking spaces in the Commercial/Main Street area. The creation of these new parking spaces removes the single greatest barrier to continued revitalization of the town center and your business.

Adobe PDF Eyer Building Development Project Overview (PDF, 227.05 KB)
Adobe PDF Eyer Building Development Project - Elevations and Plans (PDF, 1.29 MB)
Adobe PDF Eyer Building Development Project - Rehabilitation Project - Notice to Bidders (PDF, 69.62 KB)
Adobe PDF Eyer Building Development Project - Parking Project - Notice to Bidders (PDF, 70.38 KB)

Microsoft Word Eyer Building Development Project - Sample Letter of Intent (DOC, 25.10 KB)

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