Friday, May 26, 2017

September 11th, 15th Anniversary Remembrancy Ceremony & Service

Town/Village of East Rochester
15th Anniversary Remembrance
Ceremony & Service

What: Remembrance Ceremony & Service

Where: Service to be held at the Fire Hall

When: Sunday September 11th , 9:30 am

8:46 am
Bell sounds N.

Tower struck

9:03 am
Bell sounds S. Tower struck
9:30 am
9:37 am
Bell sounds Pentagon struck. Prayer offered by the Association of Church's
9:50 am
American Legion Flag presentation
9:59 am
Bell sounds remembering the South tower collapse
10:07 am
Bell sounds remembering the crash of flight 93 in southeast Pennsylvania
10:28 am
Bell sounds remembering the North tower collapse
10:30 am
Closing Remarks Mayor Fred Ricci

Thank you to The East Rochester Town/Village Board, the East Rochester Fire Department, Police Department, Rural Metro, Association of Church's and American Legion Post #1917

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