Thursday, April 27, 2017

East Rochester Deconversion Incentive

The Village of East Rochester has in effect a law which provides an incentive to owners of multi-family dwellings for converting those structures to single-family usage.

There are several multi-family dwellings in the Village, generally rental property, which were originally built as single-family homes. The goal of the Village Board is to incent as many property owners as possible to return these homes to their original single-family use. The results should have positive benefits to our greater community. Restoring those homes to single-family use results in a more valuable piece of property. Single-family homes in the Village continue to appreciate in value, in most cases, at a higher rate than multi-family properties.

The owner of "de-converted" property under this incentive can select one of the following rebate options:

  1. An amount equal to the lesser of the property owner's actual Village tax bill or $750.00 for a period of ten years following completion of the de-conversion of the subject property to a single-family dwelling; or
  2. Payment of a lump sum of $7,500.00 upon completion of the de-conversion of the subject property to a single-family dwelling.

The text of the law can be found in the Town/Village of East Rochester Code Book, Chapter 170-18.2.

For more information, contact the Building Department at 385-3513.

Adobe PDF Checklist for Deconversion Incentive (PDF, 55 KB)
Adobe PDF Deconversion Rebate Incentive Commitments (PDF, 25 KB)
Adobe PDF Deconversion Rebate Schedule (PDF, 44 KB)

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