Thursday, April 27, 2017

Applications and Checklists

Below are the various applications and checklists used to receive services from the Building Inspectors office. Feel free to contact for more information on filling out an application or to determine which form fits your needs.

Adobe PDFApplication for Sign Permit (PDF, 69.60 KB)

Adobe PDFApplication for Certificate of Occupancy (PDF, 261.63 KB)

Adobe PDFAuthorization to Make Application (PDF, 74.98 KB)

Adobe PDFApplication & Regulations for Outdoor Dining (PDF, 225.83 KB)

Adobe PDFMonroe County Development Referral Form (PDF, 43.79 KB)

Adobe PDFPlanning/Architectural Review Board Application (PDF, 272.00 KB)

Adobe PDFPreliminary Site Plan Review Checklist (PDF, 63.20 KB)

Adobe PDFPreliminary Subdivision Review Checklist (PDF, 83.37 KB)

Adobe PDFProcedures for Variances and Appeals (PDF, 136.06 KB)

Adobe PDFSpecial Use Permit Application Form (PDF, 148.61 KB)

Adobe PDFSpecial Use Permit Process (PDF, 170.25 KB)

Adobe PDFZoning Board Area Variance Application (Commercial) (PDF, 155.74 KB)

Adobe PDFZoning Board Area Variance Application (Residential) (PDF, 153.66 KB)

Adobe PDFZoning Board Variance Questionaire (PDF, 134.67 KB)

Adobe PDFZoning Board Use Variance Application (PDF, 148.71 KB)

Adobe PDFState Environmental Quality Review - Short Environmental Assessment Form (PDF, 108.14 KB)

Adobe PDFDemolition Permit Application & Requirements (PDF, 427.35 KB)

Adobe PDFPermit General Information (PDF, 253.07 KB)

Adobe PDFPermit Application (PDF, 191.03 KB)

Adobe PDFBlock Party Application (PDF, 167.50 KB)

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