Thursday, April 27, 2017

Memorial Tree Program

The landscape of our parks has been slowly changing slowly over time, and it's our trees that have reflected this change most. Many were lost to old age, severe storms, and erosion. Besides providing a lifetime of natural beauty, they keep the surrounding air cool during hot weather, allow habitats for birds, and offer unique spots for picnickers. It's the Parks Committee's goal to see that our parks retain their forested areas and to establish new plantings where needed. Currently, we are working to re-establish the major hardwoods such as white and red oak to the park. Just as with the benches, any individual, family, or organization can sponsor to have a tree planted in the park of their choice. They are usually three to four-year-old established trees when planted and have a plaque, mounted to a stone, set at the base of the tree.

As of August 2012, the cost to sponsor a tree is between $200 and $350, depending on tree choice. This includes the plaque with its inscription. The Parks Committee and the East Rochester Department of Public Works try in every way to accommodate a sponsor's request, but some tree types and their placements may be decided on by the committee.

Should you wish to sponsor a tree or have and questions or concerns please feel free to call Mark McDermott, Chairperson, East Rochester Parks Committee, at 586-7756.

Adobe PDF Memorial Tree and Bench Application (PDF, 158.12 KB)

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