Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Emergency Services

East Rochester has a P.O.D. plan in place with the County and does participate in the Counties Emergency Management plan. Learn about the Monroe County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan at their website.

The 9-1-1 Center

The County funds Monroe County's 9-1-1 Emergency Communications System, and oversees the operation of the Emergency Communications Department (ECD). The ECD is the point of central reception and response to 9-1-1 dialed calls, dispatch of emergency equipment, and relay or transfer of service calls to the appropriate public service agencies. Over one million dispatches are made to police, fire and emergency services each year. The City of Rochester operates the ECD under contract with the County.

Through the Director of Public Safety, this activity administers the operating contract with the City, coordinates the participation of other public service agencies, and administers subscriber agreements. It develops long range plans for system development and enhancement and utilizes the 9-1-1 Operating Practices Board (consisting of government, public safety, private sector, and citizen representatives) for advisory policy recommendations.

Dialing 9-1-1 allows any County resident in need of emergency assistance immediate access to the appropriate police, fire or ambulance agency.

About East Rochester

Walter Parce, a native of Fairport, was instrumental in founding the planned village of "Despatch" in 1897, which was named after its first major business.   Learn more »

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